Graduates / Alumni

Joseph Newton (Summer 2002; Project: Geometry and Structure of Capped Carbon Nanotubes )

Zejian Liu (MS, 2003; PhD, 2005; Thesis: Atomic Structure Determination of Carbon Nanotubes by Electron Diffraction)

Gongpu Zhao (MS, 2003; PhD, 2006; Thesis: Fabrication, Structure, and Electron Emission of Single Carbon Nanotubes

Han Zhang (MS, 2004; PhD, 2006; Thesis: Synthesis, Characterization, and Field Emission Properties of Rare-Earth Hexaboride Nanowires)

Chengyan Xu (03/2004 - 03/2005) Visiting Student

Qi Zhang (08/2003 - 12/2006) Postdoctoral Associate

Hakan Deniz (PhD, 2007; Thesis: Electron Diffraction and Microscopy Study of Nanotubes and Nanowires)

Anna Derbakova (BS (Highest Honor), 2009; Thesis: Simulation and Analysis of Carbon Nanotube Diffraction Patterns)

Zachary Linsey (Fall 2010)

Letian Lin (PhD, 2011; Thesis: Fabrication, Structure and Properties of a Single Carbon Nanotube-Based Nano-Electromechanical System)

Benjamin Wang (BA (Highest Honor), 2011; Thesis: Fabrication and Characterization of Nanostructured Copper Oxide and Zinc Oxide Thin Films for Photovoltaic Applications)

Zheng Ren (PhD, 2012; Thesis: Fabrication and Characterization of Aligned Titania Nanowire Films for Solar Cell Applications)

Taoran Cui (PhD, 2013; Thesis: Structure and Physical Properties of Torsional Carbon Nanotube Devices by Electron Diffraction and Microscopy)

Dan Plattenberger (BA, 2014; Environmental Sciences and Physics)

Michael Sokoletsky (Spring 2014, Philosophy & Physics)

Jeremy Low (Spring 2017, Physics)